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Australian Kelpie Rescue
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Australian Kelpie Rescue

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Australian Kelpie Rescue Information: Australian Kelpies are intelligent working dogs with strong herding abilities. Kelpies are ill suited to apartment life, thriving on farms or in large yards. Kelpies are happy living mostly outdoors with access to some kind of basic shelter. A Kelpie can bore easily and become destructive if it does not have a task to accomplish. Australian Kelpies will try to herd other pets, much to their dismay at times.

Australian Kelpie Trivia: A Kelpie can jump on a sheep's back and run over the whole herd to reach the other side. One Australian Kelpie can herd thousands of sheep. Australian Kelpies can be trained as seeing eye dogs. Legend has it that the Australian Kelpie is descended from a Dingo crossed with a Border Collie. The Kelpie is the most popular working sheep dog in Australia.